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Does Vitamin B12 Deficiency cause hairfall ?

Lack of proper nutrition in our food is one of the major causes behind hair fall. A diet lacking the essential nutrient vitamin B12 is linked to grey hair and hair loss but an early diagnosis can help in preventing the symptoms.

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How belly fat can be dangerous to your liver

If you are gaining extra belly fat, lose it before you get other health problems like increased LDL cholesterol, obesity, etc. The liver is one of the organs affected by dangerous fat accumulation in the body lead to fatty liver disease in later stages. Manage your extra weight with exercise, a balanced diet, and proper sleep.

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Effects of Cigarette Smoking on Your body You Didn't Know About

Cigarette smoking is the most preventable cause of illness and death. Many people die every year from illnesses caused by smoking. People who smoke die earlier than those who do not smoke. The risk of disease increases if the person smokes a lot, inhales deeply, or has smoked many years.